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Adding API Keys


This is only relevant if you are running SuperTokens on your own.

Step 1) Add to the core#

Adding API keys to the core is as simple as setting an extra param.

 docker run \    -p 3567:3567 \    -e API_KEYS=<TO DO> \     -d supertokens/supertokens-<db name>
  • The format of the value is key1,key2,key3.
  • Keys can only contain =, - and alpha-numeric (including capital) chars.
  • Each key must have a minimum length of 20 chars
  • An example value is "Akjnv3iunvsoi8=-sackjij3ncisds,asnj9=asdcda-OI982JIUN=-a". Notice the , in the string which separates the two keys "Akjnv3iunvsoi8=-sackjij3ncisds" and "asnj9=asdcda-OI982JIUN=-a". In the backend SDK, you should only provide one of these keys.

The reason we have multiple API keys is that it allows for key rotation to take place in a gradual way if you have multiple backend systems querying the core.

Step 2) Add to your backend code#

Adding the API key to the backend is as simple as setting the apiKey param in the config.

let supertokens = require("supertokens-node");
supertokens.init({    supertokens: {        connectionURI: "<CONNECTION URI>",        apiKey: "<API KEY>"   },   appInfo: {...},   recipeList: [...]});