Open Source Auth with login and secure sessions

A great alternative to Auth0, Firebase Auth and AWS Cognito
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Protect and manage your data

SuperTokens stores user information in your database enabling you to control and manage your user data

No complicated OAuth flows

Unless you require SSO, don’t worry about OAuth! Make auth simple again! How?

Save weeks

Auth can take weeks to build. See our 15 minute video for implementing SuperTokens

Free Forever

Run SuperTokens on your own infrastructure for unlimited users for free

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In a nutshell, SuperTokens provides:

Session Management


A fully customisable frontend UI with default themes available

Email & password login and forgot password flows

Email verification

Social login

Note: Login is currently available only for Nodejs. Other tech stacks will be supported soon

Secure sessions

Prevents common session vulnerabilities like session fixation, CSRF or brute force attacks.

Create, verify, refresh & revoke sessions.

Detects session hijacking using rotating refresh tokens.

See how we manage sessions
Note: Session management is available for Nodejs, Flask, Golang, Laravel & Javalin. Above representation is for Nodejs

…See our Github Readme to learn more

Auth should never be a problem again

Really looking forward to trying this out. Feels like Supertokens may have a 1up on Keycloak though in terms of initial learning
curve and integration effort.Wish you guys the best on this quest!
Mark Mankarious
Love everything about this EXCEPT the choice of Java. Anyways, great work! This
has been something I’ve dreamt of for years (open source Auth0 replacement). I have no doubt you’ll find success.
Hunter Carter
Recently learned about and I’m so hyped about this!
Joel Sequeira

Coming soon

2-factor auth
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Visit our product roadmap page to learn more

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Brandon Bayer

Founder @Blitzjs

I' m SO excited to finally ship built-in authentication in @blitz_js !!! Including design, we've been working on this for over 4 months! Thank you to @rishpoddar for being the genius behind our auth!!! Check out his company @supertokensio for framework agnostic session management

Anuj Chabbria

Cofounder @Report Card

Supertokens is our guardian angel. We’re able to secure multiple assets with one library, providing the most seamless and secure experience for our users. Kudos to the Super team!

Fares Siddiqui

Founder @Circadia

We were using AWS Cognito and storing sensitive identity tokens on the frontend. SuperTokens secured our user accounts and patient data, and built an integration for our custom setup

Stephano Paraskeva


SuperTokens brings with it, what money can’t buy - trust and transparency. I use SuperTokens in all of my projects because I’m able to control where and how SuperTokens works within my apps, allowing for more granular control over my authentication

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