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Disabling APIs

To disable an API entirely, all you need to do is override the api implementation with undefined.

For example, if you want to disable the sign-up / sign-in api from this recipe, all you do is this:

SuperTokens.init({    appInfo: {...},    supertokens: {...},    recipeList: [        ThirdPartyEmailPassword.init({            override: {                apis: (originalImplementation) => {                    return {                        ...originalImplementation,                        emailPasswordSignInPOST: undefined, // disable sign in with email & password                        emailPasswordSignUpPOST: undefined, // disable sign up with email & password                        thirdPartySignInUpPOST: undefined // disable sign in & up with third party                    }                }            }        })    ]});

You then need to define your own routes that will handle this API call. You can see the Frontend driver interface API spec here