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SDK Reference

  • This section is only for detailed SDK reference. This section will NOT provide a step by step guide.
  • For a step by step guide to implementing SuperTokens, please pick a recipe and follow the setup instructions in there.

NodeJS (All features supported)#

See the supertokens-node reference documentation for more information.

ReactJS (All features supported)#

See the supertokens-auth-react reference documentation for more information.

Vanilla JS (Only supports session management - i.e. no login UI)#

If you want to only implement session management with SuperTokens, then you can use any frontend framework (React, Vue, Angular etc..) along with our supertokens-website SDK.

Other frameworks#

  • For other frontend frameworks / mobile apps, you can build your own UI that talks to your backend APIs exposed via our SDK.
  • For other backend frameworks, you can build your own APIs that use the SuperTokens Core.

Visit the API reference page to learn more.