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October, 2020
A decoupled login & sign up form as  - pretty by default, but fully customisable
Email & password login with email verification, and forgot password flows
Extensibility to build other methods of login - for example passwordless login
Password management - hashing + salting
Unlimited social and other types of login
Single Sign On
Session Management
Create, verify, refresh & revoke sessions
Follows all session best practices like using httpOnly cookies
Prevents common session vulnerabilities like session fixation, CSRF or brute force attacks
Detects session hijacking using rotating refresh tokens
Optimal performance - session verifications < 1 MS
Automatic JWT signing key rotation, without logging users out
Ability to get all sessions given a user ID
Reading session data on the frontend, securely
Manipulation of session and JWT payloads
User Management
December, 2020
(Un)banning & deleting users
Resetting user passwords
Associating users with roles
User management dashboard
Login identity consolidation (if a user logs in via google and via twitter, with the same email, they are treated as the same user).
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is inspired by Gitlab’s buyer-based model and by Enterprise Ready. This essentially states that features will be tiered according to the profile of the user that would require those features. Additionally, we would monetize features that would be required by people in roles such as: IT operations, management and executive teams, product managers and customer support agents.

Our product tiers will be categorised into the following:

1. Developer
2 Starter
3. Growth
4. Ultimate.

The developer tier would be free and everything that an individual developer or small team of developers would require for their web application would be in this tier.

The starter plan would cater to formal startups in the early stages of their journey. It would have a minimal price point (under $50 / month).

The growth tier refers to startups that have found product market fit and where the business is scaling and growing.

The Ultimate plan would be for established businesses which have achieved significant scale and revenue.

While deciding which tier a feature should go into, we would essentially add it to the lowest tier where the majority of users in that tier would require it. If there is a feature that would be required by the majority of developers, we would add it to that tier.

However, if a feature is not required by early stage startups but by the majority of growth companies and “Ultimate” companies (enterprises), then we would add the feature in the Growth tier.